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Central PA Home and Garden Show

Registration Begins on November 3rd. Only one exhibitor can occupy a booth. Therefore, multiple requests for the same site number will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Only requests that are accompanied by complete registration packets (including payment) will be considered. Registration costs increase after January 15th. No refunds will be made after January 15th.

A complete registration packet is required before sites are reserved.

             Complete packets include:   

                    1. A Completed Rental Agreement

                    2. Payment for all sites (by either check or credit card)

                    3. Certificate of Liability Insurance (must cover the dates of the Home Show)

Please note that sites have restrictions based on location.  These restrictions are outlined in the Exhibitor Rules & Regulations. We ask that you please review the Exhibitor Rules & Regulations prior to submitting your rental agreement as some changes have been made.

Please note - If you have not been contacted within 7 days of sending in your paperwork, please call the office!

Centre Park Partner

March 13-15, 2015 - Fri. Noon to 8, Sat. 10am to 8 pm, Sun. 10 am to 4 pm

$6 Admission, Children 12 & Under Free, Free Parking

Educational Seminars, Children's Building Contest, Art Alliance, Live Music in Centre Park


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