• Builders Association Staff

    Executive Officer - Abbie Jensen - ajensen@centralpabuilders.com

    Abbie joined the staff of the Builders Association in December of 2009. Coming from a non-profit arts background, she brings a fun energy and unique perspective to the world of home-building! Abbie hopes to continue to increase member involvement in the BACP through creative events and informative communications. In her spare time, Abbie is a new mom and enjoys updating her Centre Hall home!


                                     Office Manager - Keri O'Shea - koshea@centralpabuilders.com

  • Builders Association Volunteers

    The BACP would not function without the involvement of its members. With 8 standing committees, a lot of dedicated volunteers unite to keep the organization moving forward. THANK YOU to all these wonderful volunteers! If you'd like to get more involved, please contact Abbie at ajensen@centralpabuilders.com.

    Central PA Home and Garden Show

    • Jeff Bolze, CJ Henry and Tim Wenrich - Chairs
    • Ann Guss, Don O'Connell, Jenny Olszewski, Joe Luther, Mark Eminhizer, Linda Hershey, Mike Scott, Rob Daniels, Scott Good


    Bricks & Sticks Golf Classic

    • Bob Belinda - Chair
    • Betsy Dupuis, Bryon Singer, Chad Lakatosh, Chris Schoonmaker, Dave Asencio, Doug Erickson, Ed Witherite, Glenn Davis, Jill Redman, John Arrington, Kyle Losch, Mike Sgriccia, Scott Cohagan, Steve Eskey, Thadd Wendt, Tim Gervinski, Tim Schoonover, Tom Schmidt


    Centre County Cornhole Classic

    • Joe Hart - Chair
    • Chris Faust, Dave Asencio, Don O'Connell , Haley Sabitus, J.P. Geise, Liz Dudek, Michael Scott, Scott Good, Sue Forster


    Fall Service Event

    • Sasha DiVirgilio - Chair
    • Bob Roles, Steve Magill, Matt Halloran, Brian Allen, Doug Olson


    Membership Committee

    • Michael Scott - Chair
    • Andrew Grim, Denny Cisney, Larry Miles, Matt Bonchak, Thadd Wendt


    Marketing Committee

    • George McMurtry - Chair
    • Dave Asencio, Michelle Palm, Liz Dudek
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