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  • The Builders Association of Central Pennsylvania is a unified organization of professionals dedicated to promoting its member companies while advocating for the building industry. We strive to serve as the foremost resource of building industry professionals and consumers alike in Centre County. We present community driven events such as the Home and Garden Show, the Bricks & Sticks Golf Classic, and the Shotguns and Shovels Clayshoot. Our members represent the best professionals in their specialized trades.

    We Are Part of A Huge Network

    With over 140,000 members, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is the largest building industry trade association in the United States. Organized into a federation of approximately 800 state and local associations, NAHB offers thousands of programs and services. Members can benefit from the knowledge of experts in almost any facet of the building industry along with technical assistance is available on topics like architectural design, energy efficiency, land use, zoning, and codes, among others.

    The Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) represents builders to the General Assembly and provides a liaison with state government agencies. The PBA represents over 8,000 member companies in Pennsylvania.

  • How Did the Builders Association of Central PA Get Started?

  • The Builders Association of Central Pennsylvania (BACP) has a long and rich history, serving the building industry of Centre County since its organization in October 1957. At that time, a group of 5 local business owners sat together in a garage over steaks and whiskey and talked about how they could work together to make the home-building industry flourish.

    The BACP is a not-for-profit organization representing builders, developers, and remodelers, as well as other professionals, suppliers and related trades associated with the housing industry.

    The Builders Association of Central Pennsylvania is the primary advocate for the residential-building industry in Centre County. From the Association’s early days, the main objectives have been to help building-industry companies by providing education and networking opportunities, and to influence state and local government to assure the continuation of quality construction in Centre County. 

    Additionally, the BACP serves the Centre County community by providing a list of insured, quality contractors for every need around the home. The Builders Association presents several events each year with a charitable component, including the Home and Garden Show, the Bricks & Sticks Golf Classic, and the Centre County Cornhole Classic.

    The BACP has established a tradition of programs, activities and services thanks to a long line of committed leaders, including these Past Presidents.

    • J. Alvin Hawbaker, Organizer - Glenn O Hawbaker, Inc. (1957-1959)
    • Jack Frost - Jack Frost Construction (1960 -1961, 1966)
    • Col. Donald E. Antes - D.E. Antes, Engineering and Construction (    1962-1965)
    • Stellard Beightol - Stellard Beightol, Contractor (1967)
    • Gale Witmer - Witmer & Shuey (1968)
    • Bob Womer - Bob Womer, Contractor (1969-1970)
    • John Baker - Baker Realty (1971-1972)
    • Marlin Tice - Marlin Tice, Contractor (1973 – 1975)
    • Paul Miller - Paul Miller, Contractor (1976)
    • William Shawley - Payne & Shawley (1977)
    • Cal Zimmerman     - Zimmerman Development Corporation (1978-1979)
    • Don Arbuckle - Don Arbuckle, Contractor (1980)
    • Nevin Long - Long Construction (1981, 2001)
    • Fred McClellan - Fred McClellan, Contractor (1982)
    • Charles Farrell - Beneyfield & Farrell (1983, 1992)
    • Vance Witmer - Witmer Construction (1984)
    • J. Garry McShea    J - Garry McShea Construction (1985)
    • Kenneth Simpson - Simpson Construction (1986-1988)
    • Walter Mislinski     - Campus Construction (1989)
    • John H. Mitchell - Nittany Homes (1990-1991)
    • Sam Hawbaker - Park Forest Enterprises     (1993)
    • C. Kenneth Zook - Kenneth Zook, Contractor (1994)
    • Randy Bachman - Bachman Homes (1995)
    • Kevin L. Zimmerman - Pinehurst Homes (1996)
    • H. David Brown - Ameron Construction (    1997)
    • Phil DeHaas - DeHaas Builders, Inc. (1998)
    • Don Gilmore - Gilmore Construction (1999-2000)
    • Sam Homan - Homan Construction (2002)
    • Chuck Colyer – Deckscape (2003)
    • Chris Schoonmaker - S & A Homes (2004)
    • Alison Kurtz - Ameron Construction (2005)
    • Thadd Wendt - Fine Line Homes (2006)
    • Scott Burk - Scott’s Landscaping (2007)
    • Denny Cisney, Jr. - Cisney & O’Donnell (2008)
    • Tommy Songer, III - The Torron Group (2009)
    • Dan Wise - Wise Construction (2010)
    • Dylan Wadlington - Wadlington Remodeling (2011)
    • Tim Madden - S & A Homes (2012)
    • Brennan Glantz - Bosak Construction (2013)
    • Scott Good - Goodco Mechanical (2014)
    • George McMurtry - America's Carpet Outlet (2015)
    • Dave Asencio- Eby Paving (2016)
    • Matt Halloran- S & A Homes (2017)
    • Bob Belinda- Centre Concrete (2018)
    • Chris Warren- Warren Builders (2019)




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