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  • Interested in Getting Involved in PA Code Review? Apply to Sit on a Technical Advisory Committee

    With the review of the 2018 ICC codes now underway, there are some changes to the process that include more opportunities for public engagement. Act 36 of 2017 requires the Review and Advisory Council (RAC) to establish Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) that allow for further public participation in the Model Code Adoption process for the PA Uniform Construction Code (UCC). The TAC’s are designed to provide the RAC members with more diverse and balanced input – and to allow for the public who is affected the most by the PA UCC updates to provide real-time feedback on the model code provisions. Members of the TAC’s will be appointed by the RAC Chairman and must contain persons who build, design, and enforce the PA UCC. Public members of the TAC’s will act as resources to the RAC members reviewing the updated model code provisions. This is an opportunity for BACP members to be directly involved in the discussions surrounding the adoption of specific code provisions.

    Applicants must apply by July 13, 2019, to be considered for a position on a TAC – you can sign up to serve on one or more TAC at this following link:  Technical Advisory Committee Participation Form.  

    Are you interested in learning more about Technical Advisory Committees but you have more questions? Please contact Sarah Miller at smiller@pabuilders.org or Jon Sukonik at jsukonik@sukonik.com.   

  • Have Your Voice Heard- Public Comment Period for the 2018 ICC Codes Now Open


    The Department of Labor and Industry’s Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Review and Advisory Council (RAC) has officially opened the 2018 ICC Model Code review cycle. This is the first full review cycle the RAC will undertake since the UCC law was amended in 2017 (Act 36). There are a number of changes to the review and adoption process that will impact BACP members, including the current public comment period.


    The public comment period officially started June 13th and will be open for 120-days until October 10, 2019. Any member of the public may submit comments to the RAC using the following web-based form:  Submit Public Comment on the 2018 Triennial International Codes adopted as the Uniform Construction Code.


    The RAC must review the model code applying the following criteria: 1) the impact that the provision may have upon the health, safety, and welfare of the public; 2) the economic/financial impact, including to the end consumer; and 3) the technical feasibility of the provision. Comments on model code provisions must also identify one of these criteria. 


    The RAC review of the 2018 ICC Model Codes will last for the next two years. Any decisions made by the RAC to adopt new provisions into the PA UCC will become effective in March of 2022.


    Are you interested in submitting a public comment but you have more questions? Contact Keri O’Shea at koshea@centralpabuilders.com.