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    About Us

    CentrePeace has everything you need to furnish your dorm room or apartment at reasonable prices. Located just 15 minutes from Penn State Campus on the Benner Pike between State College and Bellefonte, our used furniture, appliances and housewares change daily. Didn't find what you are looking for? Leave your name and phone number at the check-out desk and when that item comes in, we will call to see if you are interested.

    We deliver any number of items that will fit into our large truck for $40 to the State College, Bellefonte area, additional charge for additional miles. We also pick up donations to CentrePeace. However, we will only accept what we believe we can sell.

    CentrePeace was established in 1994 and it's purpose is to provide a wholesome working environment for Centre County inmates. We operate the largest used furniture recycling project in the county, keeping tons of stuff out of the landfills. Inmates, repair and restore electronics and furniture, participate in classes to improve their life skills and learn to handle conflict.

    Inmates at the County Prison serve a sentence of something less than two years. These people will soon be returning to their communities and resuming life in Centre County. It's a difficult transition to the ''outside''. Your donations to CentrePeace and your purchases of our used furniture, appliances and upholstery work provide 98% of our funding.

    PS This is a great place to volunteer.