• Builders Association Volunteers

    The BACP would not function without the involvement of its members. With 8 standing committees, a lot of dedicated volunteers unite to keep the organization moving forward. THANK YOU to all these wonderful volunteers! If you'd like to get more involved, please contact Abbie at ajensen@centralpabuilders.com.

    Central PA Home and Garden Show

    • Jeff Bolze, CJ Henry- Chairs
    • Ann Guss, Don O'Connell, Joe Luther, Mark Eminhizer, Scott Good, Christa Hosterman

    Shotguns and Shovels

    • Chris Warren, Chair
    • Matt Halloran, Kyle Losch, Heather Pleskonko

    Bricks & Sticks Golf Classic

    • Bob Belinda - Chair
    • Betsy Dupuis, Bryon Singer, Dave Asencio, John Arrington, Kyle Losch, Justin Seltzer, Steve Eskey, Thadd Wendt, Ken Smeltzer, Tim Gervinski, Tim Schoonover, Tom Schmidt

    Centre County Cornhole Classic

    • Joe Hart - Chair
    • Chris Faust, Dave Asencio, Don O'Connell, J.P. Geise, Liz Dudek, Christa Hosterman, Scott Good, Sue Forster


    • Sasha DiVirgilio - Chair
    • Brian Allen,Dave Asencio, Matt Halloran, Doug Olson

    Educational Committee

    • Brian Wolfgang - Chair
    • Norm Horn, Doug Olson, Chris Warren

    Membership Committee

    • Michael Scott - Chair
    • Larry Miles, Tera Redmond, Devon Warner, Thadd Wendt

    Marketing Committee

    • George McMurtry - Chair
    • Liz Dudek, Tom Schmidt
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