• The Era of the Home Office

  • The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses and schools to think outside the box and adapt. Working remotely is now commonplace and may even become the new norm. Taking time to set up a functioning home office will help you be productive and minimize distractions. Whether you have an entire room that you can use or just a corner of an existing room, take some time think about how you will be using the space:

    How much work surface and storage will be needed?
    • If you have a separate home office, think about investing in some built-in cabinetry/shelves. By working with a custom cabinetry supplier, you can tailor the arrangement so that it suits your needs.
    • Alternatively, if you are sharing space for an office, the use of a mobile cart will allow you to “stash the clutter” at the end of your workday.
    Is there proper lighting, and if not, how can it best be added?
    • Lamps are the easiest way to add lighting. But adding some recessed lights to the ceiling can also ensure that you have ample lighting for the tasks at hand. Put them on a dimmer so you can adjust the lights to your mood.
    • Don’t forget to think about glare. Where is your window in relation to your screen? An attractive window covering will provide you with flexibility to let light in or keep it out.
    What equipment will be required and are there adequate electrical outlets and multimedia interfacing?
    • To avoid overloaded extensions cords or the dreaded tangle of wires, consider hiring someone to add strategically placed outlets and/or multimedia connections to your space. Floor outlets can minimize wire runs and will eliminate tripping hazards.
    • USB outlets and in-drawer outlets allow you to charge your devices while minimizing the clutter.
    Don’t forget the color of things.
    • If you have to spend a good part of your day in the space, take time to personalize it. Consider a fresh coat of paint in an energizing hue or purchase an office chair in your favorite color. Plants and photos are an easy way to make the space feel more inviting.
    What are people seeing behind you on that Zoom call?
    • If you’re not green screen savvy, think about adding some tasteful art to the wall behind you. A table with a couple plants and a colorful stack of books can also serve as a neutral but interesting backdrop.
    Do you need to keep an ear out for the kids…or do you need to isolate yourself for those client calls?
    • Barn style doors are a fun and current way to achieve some separation from your household, but they will allow noise to filter through.
    • French style doors can provide an elegant entrance into your office and will allow you to muffle the dog’s barking.